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BC300898 15"x16" EcoCraft Paper Wrap & Liner (1,000/Box)(3000/cs)
400004 8" Wrapped Slim Straws (4/750/cs)
EARTWP-10/3 Earth-To-Go 10.25" Plate 3-Compartment (4/125)
EARECI-12 Earth-To-Go 12 oz Insulated Hot Cup (1,000/cs)
EARKECH-12 Earth-To-Go 12oz Kraft Hot Cup (1,000/cs)
EARECI-16 Earth-To-Go 16 oz Insulated Hot Cup (500/cs)
EARKECH-16 Earth-To-Go 16oz Kraft Hot Cup (1,000/cs)
EARECI-20 Earth-To-Go 20oz Insulated Hot Cup (600/cs)
EARKECH-20 Earth-To-Go 20oz Kraft Hot Cup (1,000/cs)
EARTW6C Earth-To-Go 6" Clamshell, Biodegradable (500/cs)
EARECI-8 Earth-To-Go 8 oz Insulated Hot Cup (1,000/cs)
EARTW8/3C Earth-To-Go 8" Clamshell 3 Compartment (200/cs)
EARTW-8X6C Earth-To-Go 8"x 6" Clamshell 1 Compartment (200/cs)
EARKECH-8 Earth-To-Go 8oz Kraft Hot Cup (1,000/cs)
EARTWP-9 Earth-To-Go 9" Plate (500/cs)
EARTW93C Earth-To-Go 9"x 9"x3" Clamshell 3-Compartment
EARTWGS Earth-To-Go Bio Based Spoon Green Color (1,000/cs)
EARKECPLA Earth-To-Go Biodegradable Lid 12-16-20 oz (1,000/cs)
EARKECPLA-8 Earth-To-Go Biodegradable Lid 8 oz (1,000/cs) Translucent
EARFHCL-N Earth-To-Go Fiber Bagasse Lid 12-16 oz (500/cs)
EARTWHDF Earth-To-Go Heavy Duty Fork (1,000/cs)
EARTWHDK Earth-To-Go Heavy Duty Knife (1,000/cs)
EARTWHDS Earth-To-Go Heavy Duty Spoon (1,000/cs)
410057 16 oz. Round Corn Deli Container (500/cs)
410035 24 oz. Corn Cold Cups (1000/cs)
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