Cleaning Accessories

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GLOFS204 Foodservice Gloves, X-Large (10/1000/CS)
ABC6240 Drop Dead Insecticide, Residual Spray (4,1 gal)
ABC6497 Insecticide 300 Contact Spray, .3% Pyrethrins
050008 12"Brass Window Squeegee W/Handle, Complete
050110 13" Ostrich Feather Duster
050004 18" Window Squeegee Rubber
050010 18" Window Squeegee, Stainless Steel Channel
050150 20" Polywool Duster, Single Length
050120 23" Ostrich Feather Duster
050015 4" Replacement Blades (10/pkg) for use with #050014
050000 Brass Squeegee Handle
ESSBWK72109 Chemical-Resistant Trigger Sprayer 320CR, Gray, 9-1/2"
AMRA810-20 Misty Dust Mop Spray C875 (12/cs)
ESSUNGEZ120 Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole, 4 ft, Two Sections,
BWK9442 Polywool Duster w/Ext. Handle 51"- 82"
ESSUNGPR45 Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegee, 18"
ESSRCPQ90088YW Rubbermaid HYGEN Press Wring Bucket for Microfiber Flat
UNGVP450 Visa Versa Squeegee with 18" Strip Washer
PADS201420N 14"x 20" Green Scrub Pad (5/cs)
PADS201428N 14"x 28" Green Scrub Pad (5/cs)
MOP8630153 Dust Mop Head Cotton, 5"x30"
PADS1017 Floor Pads 17" Black (5/cs)
HOSDS5000 Discreet Seat, Toilet Seat Covers (20 pks of 250)
HOS16465 Hanging Deodorant Bloc, 4-oz
HOS01991 Urinal Screen w/Block, Cherry (12/bx)
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