Poly & Sandwich Bags

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 Product #DescriptionPricingQuantity
BP6800 4"x5/32" Red Paper Tie Closures (2000/box)
BP6810 4"x5/32" Red Plastic Tie Closures (2000/cs)
BOXPB2264SO 6"x24" 1mil Flat Poly Bags (1,000/Case)
ELK6620 10"x4"x24" .0015 Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6610 10"x8"x24" .0015 poly bag (500/cs)
ELKP12F1218SO 12"x18" .0015 Polypropylene Flat Bag (1,000/Case)
ELK6774 2"x2" .002 Seal Top Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6775 3"x5" .002 Seal Top Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6740 4"x2"x12" .00085ga. Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6750 4"x2"x8" .00085ga. Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6776 4"x6" .002 Seal Top Bag (1000/cs)
ELK10G054515-Z 5"x4-1/2"x15" .001 Poly Bag (1000/CS)
ELK15F0508 5"x8" .0015 Flat poly bag (2000/cs)
ELK6777 5"x8" .002 Seal Top Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6680 6"x3"x15" .00085ga. Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6675 6"x3"x15" .002 Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6660 8"x3"x15" .001 Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6670 8"x4"x12" .00125 Ice Bucket Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6635 8"x4"x18" .001 Poly Bag (1000/cs)
ELK6630 8"x4"x18" .0015 poly bag (1000/cs)
ELK6625 8"x4"x18" .002 Poly Bag, (1000/cs)
ELK6605 Clear Plastic Poly Tarp, 10'x100' 4mil
005775 Foil Hot Dog Bag, unprinted 3-1/2"X1-1/2"X9" (1000/cs)
005865 5-1/2"x1"x4" Taco/French fry bag (1,000/Box)(8 Box/Case)
006820 1# Ground Beef Bags Printed "NOT FOR SALE"
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